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Syncromatics Corporation

Syncromatics Corporation

Syncromactics is LA-based cleantech startup company that develops innovative solutions for GPS/AVL bus tracking and intelligent transportation systems exclusively for fixed-route public transit.

"Green is like a tidal wave about to take the entire world by storm, but it isn't quite here yet. We'd like to be riding the top of that wave when it crests over the shores of Los Angeles." -Josh Bigelow, President

About Syncromatics

Headquartered in Los Angeles, Syncromatics serves transit agencies, universities and shuttle systems nationwide. In 2007, Syncromatics was selected as the winner of the Lexus Transportation prize, a $100,000 prize awarded by the California Clean Tech Open to the company most successful in leveraging sustainable green technology in a business environment. This prize was awarded following the success of the Syncromatics system in saving UC San Diego millions, using their route management and analytics and automated passenger counting solutions. Since then Syncromatics has been featured by Google and chronicled by journalists for its success in delivering customer value and return on investment.

Syncromatics has risen to meet the challenges of an expanding customer base, increased ridership, and transit funding cutbacks. We continue to develop innovative, customized solutions for transit agencies nationwide, applying the personal touch that made the company initially successful in everything we do.

Contribution to Saving the Environment

Syncromatics is actively involved in identifying, analyzing, and reducing inefficiencies in bus-based public transit operations, while increasing visibility and utility of public transit to passengers.

Key Initiatives Connected to CleanTech LA

Syncromatics is intimately connected to LADOT's DASH system and actively involved in the promotion and improvement of public transit. We'd like to promote public transit to the fullest extent possible as a major missing link in the emergence of LADOT as clean tech hot spot.


5455 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1800,
Los Angeles, CA, 90036

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For more info please contact:
Josh Bigelow (President)
(310) 728-6997